9 Carat Rose Gold Locket for Ashes Bracelet

Rose Lcoket BraceletRose Locket Open With Cap OnRose Locket Open Cap OffRose Locket With Ashes
Rose Lcoket Bracelet
Rose Locket Open With Cap On
Rose Locket Open Cap Off
Rose Locket With Ashes

Delivered to you securely pre-filled with ashes from your loved one, or your pet

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If the inscripion is a date or initial we will insert dots

If the inscripion is a date or initial we will insert dots

Preserve the ashes of your loved one in the secret capsule inside our beautifully crafted, hallmarked, 9 carat rose gold locket with 9 carat rose gold twisted wire bracelet. Choose from 2 classic shaped lockets; Heart or Circle. The locking cap encasing your loved ones’ ashes inside the locket can be engraved. You can capture 2 lines of inscription; Line 1 upto 7 characters, and line 2 upto 4 characters. Dates and initials will automatically be separated by dots.

Included in the price is a bracelet up to 7.5 inches in length. Longer length bracelets can be purchased when customising your order.

Please note, hinged products require extra care, especially when worn on a bracelet. Knocks and bangs may damage the hinge beyond repair