Tips & Recommendations


When considering your inscription, our best advice is always less is more. Whilst our standard sized pendants can accommodate up to 40 characters on the back, the longer the length of the inscription, the smaller the size of each letter needs to be. Furthermore, our artists will always layout and position your inscription for best fit using their wealth of experience and expertise. Should you give specific instructions regarding the layout and positioning of the inscription, we will of course follow your instruction, but please note that this invariably results in an inferior product which you may not be happy with.

Our advice would be to allow us to work our magic, by using our experience to layout and position your chosen inscription to give the best possible finish to your chosen jewellery. Please see below the list of inscription lengths for all items in our range.


ItemMaximum number of characters
Heart Shaped Pendant


Upto 15 characters can be put on the front

Oval, Leaf and Rectangle Pendants40 on the back only
Cufflinks18 on each cufflink


Where Will the Pendant be Attached to My Bracelet?

All pendants are attached to the last link on our bracelets on the opposite end to the clasp. The reason for this is twofold;

  1. To assist the wearer in putting the bracelet on or removing it. The pendant will add weight to the end of the bracelet facilitating easy fastening and unfastening.
  2. To ensure the clasp is out of sight. When the bracelet is worn, gravity will always pull the pendant to the underneath of the wrist, this ensures the clasp is not on display and the decorative chain on the bracelet sits on the front of the wrist and clasp sits underneath the wrist.

If you would prefer your pendant to be attached to any other part of the bracelet please specify how far from the clasp you would like it positioned.

How to Care for Your Jewellery

By following our simple care instructions below your jewellery will age beautifully over time.

  1. Using the polishing cloth provided, gently wipe your jewellery everyday, whether you have worn it or not.
  2. Make your jewellery the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night.
  3. Always remove your jewellery when cleaning, swimming, taking a shower, during exercise and when sleeping.
  4. Always store in it’s original packaging when not being worn


Every piece of our jewellery is packaged with an individual polishing cloth. If used daily, your jewellery will not tarnish. If you do not use the polishing cloth daily, there is a possibility that your jewellery will tarnish.

Tarnished appears initially as dull patches on your jewellery. These patches will turn to a sticky black residue if not dealt with.

All jewellery will tarnish if not polished. Some precious metals will tarnish more easily than others, and tarnishing occurs for a wide variety of reasons. It is important to understand that tarnishing is not a fault with the jewellery. The information below should assist in understanding why tarnishing occurs and what can be done to prevent and/or remove it.

The moisture from your own body, natural sunlight, the air and exposure to everyday products can cause precious metal to tarnish.

Tarnishing can be very dramatic and quick to appear on some individuals whose perspiration contains a lot of sulphur. Everybody’s perspiration contains sulphur, the amount of sulphur fluctuates for many reasons in response to hormones, diet, humidity, medicines and exercise.

Outside influences can also make jewellery tarnish quickly, including ultraviolet light in sunlight or artificial light, cosmetics, and cleaning products.

When jewellery is unworn, it will also tarnish quickly as there is no natural oil from your body to provide a natural barrier against tarnishing for the jewellery.

How to Prevent Tarnish  

Use the individual polishing cloth provided to gently wipe over your jewellery each day. This will prevent the build up of tarnish on your jewellery.

If you allow tarnish to build up on your jewellery, the polishing cloth provided will not remove the tarnish. The cloth provided is designed to prevent rather than remove tarnish.

Any attempts to remove heavy tarnish once it has been allowed to take hold on your jewellery may result in damage to the delicate details captured if it is polished too enthusiastically. Therefore if your jewellery has tarnished, we would recommend returning your jewellery to us for a professional repolish. This is a chargeable service. We will be able to remove the tarnish without your jewellery being damaged. Please refer to your retailer for further details or contact us directly.