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Express 5 Day
Express 5 Working Day

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Express 3 Day
Express 3 Working Day

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Professional Repolish

This service returns your Recollections jewellery to it's orignal lustre.

Enhanced Image
Digitally Enhanced Fingerprint Image

This service is only available if the fingerprint has been used by us to create jewellery.


Additional Fixtures

Necklaces and bracelets without a pendant. Lobster clasps, and slider beads to be attached to a pendant.

Bracelet Silver
Sterling Silver Twisted Wire Bracelet or Necklace

Twisted wire bracelet or necklace without pendant.

Necklace Silver
Sterling Silver Curb Necklace

Curb necklace only without pendant

Necklace Yellow
9 Carat Yellow Gold Curb Necklace

Curb necklace only without pendant

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Necklace Rose
9 Carat Rose Gold Curb Necklace

Curb necklace only without pendant

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Pendora Style Bead With Pendant Normal Finish
Sterling Silver Slider Bead

Suitable for sliding onto your own bracelet or necklace. Pendant is not included.

Lobster Clasp On Pendant
Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp

Suitable for attaching onto your own necklace or bracelet. Pendant not included.


Supplies for Business Account Holders

Brochures for Download

Click on the buttons below to download either the Full Recollections Brochure, or the Limited Range Brochure, which contains items which can be ordered when no fingerprints, hand or footprints are available.

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Order Supplies

Please note you will need to be logged in as a business account holder to order these supplies.

Supplies 3
Hand & Foot Wipes

1 Pack contains 5 black inky wipes

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Supplies 3
Fingerprint Pad

Each pad takes approximately 2,500 prints.

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Supplies 3
Freepost Cards

Each pack contains 25 fingerprint cards

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Final Brand Logos5
Recollections Brochures

Beautifully designed brochures to help funeral homes promote fingerprint, handprint and footprint jewellery to their clients. 1 Pack contains 25 brochures.

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Sunshine Cloth  546041501501669
Polishing Cloth

Industrial strength for maintaining samples and removing tarnish.

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Dealers Notice Hallmarking
Hallmarking Poster

To be displayed with your jewellery samples

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Ashes Bags
Lockets for Ashes bags

1 Pack contains 25 small grip seal bags with a writing panel to capture branch and deceased details.

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Supplies 2
Freepost Ashes Envelopes

Each pack contains 25 card envelopes

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Print Taking Kits

Recollections Ranges
Print Taking Kit

Kits for those who do not have a business account.